Intro to Crypto Art for Artists and Collectors

A brief and practical guide to the basics to get you started with Crypto Art (for Artists & Collectors)

Intro to Crypto Art for Artists and Collectors

Below you will find links to the pages and resources that will help you get started with the world of Crypto Art.

There are many wonderful resources to help get you started off understanding NFTs and Cryptoart. Here is just a couple:

How to become a cryptoartist by Creative Cabin / Angie Taylor

NFT Tutorial Series by DCLBlogger

One Way to Become a CryptoArtist by Hazmus

Starting Off

First, do you want to become a Cryptoartist? If so, start with this section. If not, these may make interesting reading for potential collectors as well, and who knows, you might just join the ranks of the Artist / Collectors in this space.


Second, do you already have a wallet? If so, skip this section. If not, read these pages to get things set up.


Third, you’ll want to know where to find Cryptoart, how to find out more about some of the other artists in this space, what kinds of different options there are for sales mechanics and auctions… All kinds of little things that it helps to know to get you creating and collecting confidently!

Creation and Tools

Now, you might just think this next section is only for artists, but collectors can also find it useful to know about what tools are being used, what the ‘look’ of each tool is, and how easy or difficult it is to achieve said effect. For artists starting with no digital art background, there are many apps and tutorials to help you get started. If you are already a digital artist, check out some of the tools here and have a look at any you’re unfamiliar with, see if any capture your curiosity!


Now we get to what sets Crypto Art NFTs (what we’re making here) apart from other forms of digital art; the tokens!


Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can apply for credit for this course:

If you’re ready for more, please feel free to leave any suggestions for content you’d like to see! Many more topics are planned, and this is only the beginning of the journey with Crypto Art School!