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A compendium of reactions, interpretations & comments on some of the best artworks in Crypto Art


Blue Star


I think this artwork is cool, from the cute muse to the great tonal qualities of the piece. She makes an interesting subject; just what is her finger doing? From the title “Blue Star” it suggests to me that she has changed a blue star on her cheek to white. There’s a certain magical quality about this action. Certainly, the non-symmetry of star colour makes her look more attractive. The play of white light against blue shadows adds great depth and the star buckle on her overalls is an especially nice detail.


2001 OM02


A planetary system of perfectly uniform bodies rotating around a central body. Dark gravity spheres form a protective layer around each. Gaseous purple clouds formed within the interstice. This is what I see from my celestial telescope beyond the Oort cloud; the resolution cranked up to maximum. One day man will have built ships to travel these distances, but will he survive the journey?

Bit Errror


How quickly the zeppelin morphs into something more intricate. This works really well with the subtle colour shading. I like the orange to red transition.

The Mask


I spoke quietly to him, but he just gave me a blank stare as if he was caught up in his own thoughts. He stayed that way, but for a brief moment, distant, cold. Just as suddenly, the warm features returned to his face and he acknowledged what I had said; this again was the man I knew.

Bitjamin Franklin



This dark-toned piece is full of space. There is good interplay between light and dark. Dark tree forms extend skywards from their hilltop base, suggestive of the expanse above. Within this expanse are three heads, the middle of the three is set back further into the picture providing a perspective shift. This is a meeting of one’s own mind projecting thoughts inwards to the self. The composition is of two different styles which act to confirm the convergence of those contrasting thoughts.

Boris Trifunovic



What an interesting artwork Boris Trifunovic has created. Part of his lollipop project, I have to ask myself why giant lollipops are floating in the ocean. This picture has a nice, relaxed feel. The greens and blues are calming. It makes me feel like going all guerrilla art and hijacking some buoys and turning them into lollipops in real life. Am I getting edgy enough? Look closer at the figure in the boat. Maybe you thought it was just a happy gondolier. Well that ain’t no gondolier in my book; they’re rocking a space suit! I am a sucker for small details like this. Art that holds my attention.

BlackBoxDotArt &amp abysms

The Bear and the Maiden(s) Fair


There are a number of dimensions to this. I see the dark, blue background as being very much mood orientated, with the overall graininess somewhat reminiscent of unclear thinking; of indecisiveness. The girls have conjured up their own bear which appears; its large arm entraps them. This is a world of their own making and a wretched one it is. Each soul trapped in a torrid prison, their dour faces allude to their plight.

In the distance I see light; I also see that the bear is not yet fully manifested in this world. There is yet hope for them, but will they escape their confines?


Mycellia Full #1


It’s a good picture, it reminds me of a closeup of a fungus. It’s the browns and off white colours along with the shapes that prompt me to think that.

Connie Digital

Meld_03 by Connie Digital


A fascinating mix of orange and purple hues adorn this canvas. Angular shapes created by the change in textural qualities draw the eyes toward the centre of the page. Here we find a touch of green which contrasts against the darker colours. There is symmetry here, a semblance of order amongst the chaotic pixels. Overall, this artwork has a shimmering, warm quality about it, as if heat is radiating outwards.

The Quantum Tape


I like this piece as it reminds me of my younger days when I used to listen to compact cassettes on my walkman. It’s a nice touch to have 90 minutes as the size since these were the most prolific of blank cassettes. The fuzzy effect is interesting, it’s like I’m viewing the piece through the reception of a bad 80s television; thankfully analogue the broadcast medium has moved over to digital. Subtle colours flowing in and out, make for something that can be looked at and appreciated without burning your eyes or causing nausea. Knowing Connie’s musical ventures, I’d like to think that this tape contains some interesting rap tunes, but which ones?

TOKEN 87 - Serenity


Yet another great piece from Connie. The colours on this one blend in well; especially the vivid green. The logo reminds me of the vector graphics I’d see as a child on arcade machines and there’s a hint of musicality within; maybe it’s the note like forms I see.




This reminds me of a planet that has gotten too close to its sun. The fire is raging and ravaging the surface. The view has been taken from a ship far out in the galaxy, with sensors in the infra-red spectrum. The image has been reconstructed in the viewscope, but even from this distance, the heat shield cannot hold.

Daniel Ignacio

A Good Evening


Daniel Ignacio has created a great artwork featuring a city scene with tall buildings punctuating the skyline. This piece resonates with me because I find it very atmospheric. Dark colours are suggestive of an evening scene with hazy city pollution captured by the grey tones. Reflected reds and oranges combine to purple hues and hint at a recent rainstorm that has passed overhead.

David Loblaw

Peace Grenade

I like this piece (peace?)


Called Peace Grenade, it displays the dichotomy between war and peace; a grenade with a peace symbol for the pin. I like this work because of David’s interesting concept and for his use of colour, which makes it visually appealing. The grenade is floating in space, presumably above our delicate planet. I am intrigued as to the use of colour here; I think that maybe it represents the goodness that occurs with peace. If only someone would pull the pin!


Irrational Eye


An animated piece today from Difelice5000. It reminds me somewhat of looking through a tunnel of water that has been frozen in time. I like the movement of this artwork, the neon colours and the glitches There’s some interesting shapes to be observed within the eye and plenty of textural qualities to boot. The whole piece has a 3D like aspect, with internal parts of the eye floating in mid air.

Longing for you


“Longing for you” is from an artist who’s works I have never reviewed before, Gregorio Difelice. This artwork has earthy colours and irregular patterns to invoke curiosity. The ETH symbol dominates the piece and links with the title. The background patterns remind me somewhat of an unkempt wall, with years of paint flaking off to reveal the ancient layers beneath. They are captivating to look at. Some subtle features eventually pop out such as the regular rectangular forms in the bottom left corner which are unexpected in a complex piece such as this. The viewing leaves me with a feeling of the natural world as a result of the natural colours chosen by the artist. A piece I can certainly spend hours getting lost in.


***A Lonely Rose


I like the interplay between light and dark in this piece. The angle at which the subject is captured is interesting as we see her from a higher view which is suggestive of subservience/dominance; she looks vulnerable from our vantage point above. The picture itself appears to be a frame of a film; a point in time captured from a longer sequence. I am intrigued as to what the scenario is. Judging by the wine glasses in the background, she could be sitting waiting in a cocktail bar and this still is the arrival of her date from their point of view.

* Stardust


Stardust by DinizBr is an homage to David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust creation. I like the effects that he has achieved with the layering of three colours; it does give it an overall 3D quality. The face reminds me somewhat of Eddie the ‘ead from Iron Maiden’s first album cover; maybe it’s the bark-like textures caused by the colour bleed.

***Trick or Treat


Entitled, Trick or Treat, this Halloween artwork certainly is interesting. I would not wish to be confronted with this zombie child on a dark night! Heidy has done a great job with this black and white creation. I like the way that the light bounces off the panels behind the subject and the overall Gothic ambience. She could well be situated in some old, long-abandoned mansion. The girl, herself, is posed in an unnatural way which adds to the overall chilling mood. Small details such as the bow in her hair signal to me that at one time she was human. Verdict: treat.

Dylan Gilchrist

Shapes and Colours


The appropriately named “Shapes and Colours” interests me with its complex coloured patterns on the cubes reflecting on the liquid beneath. Although appearing to be a simple Blender render, sometimes the simple things are the most pleasing to look at.


looks like you picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue


This picture appeals to me from a sinister point of view. The dark colours, blacks and reds give it that overall feeling of doom. I like the effects that have been created with the glitches, it’s not overdone. It’s certainly quite a trippy experience as hinted at by the title of the piece. I like to hunt in these kinds of pictures to see what I see. Firstly, I see that there is a Trumpesque suited person on the bottom sides. Next, I see a replication of that suited person at the top, but more of a skull-like effect. It’s interesting because in the top centre panel I see a horse’s head fading in and out. All of this is topped off with a fiery explosion.

Gerdana Neis

Fish Charmer


Here’s a neat picture I discovered by the artist, Gerdana Neis. It’s entitled Fish Charmer and it certainly lives up to its name. I really like the concept of a worm on the hook playing its musical instrument to charm the fish. It has a captive audience, but is it playing its own dirge?

Gert-jan Akerboom

Tube Testing


Here’s a fun retro piece I have discovered by Dutch artist Gert-jan Akerboom titled: Tube Testing I appreciate the animation that this artwork has. Slowly moving test tube after test tube from one place to the other. It has you questioning, what is the purpose of it all. It’s reminiscent of the daily drudgery we all have to endure in our lives. In terms of the image itself, it reminds me of some old Sierra Online adventure games; although those came with a purpose of entertainment. There is something quite calming and relaxing about sitting there and letting this artwork do its thing. And maybe that’s it; maybe that’s the purpose after all, just to sit back, relax and admire.


A Self-Revealing Reflection


Nice symmetry and motion within this piece. the bright lights of Times Square does make a good subject matter, but I’d have never known that this is the seed of this image. Now it is mentioned, I can see hints of the buildings, although your effects have worked well to obscure and transform them into something new.

Humans have an inbuilt, natural ability to see faces, when in reality, there are none. This work is no exception as I see a face, with wide eyes, staring back at me.




This is fantastic. It’s exactly what I envisaged when I made my original comment. I like the way the chameleon is hiding and then slowly pops out. The pattern is the background is quite detailed and intricate, so a revelation of the creature is all the more unexpected; you’re not sure what’s going to appear. This is a perfect subject matter for an animated NFT as it doesn’t feel forced. The animation time is also of the right speed; it doesn’t hurt my eyes with strobing.

London Cab


A very interesting choice of colours; red contracting against blue. It’s very effective since this depicts a London scene and those are the colours within the union flag. I also like the gridded pattern that you have created, it’s really unique.

The Raven


I like the textures you have used in this image, it’s a neat effect. The yellowing background and subtle use of flowers at the bottom conjures up images of this piece as a work of graffiti on a wall of a disused building.

Iliya Iliev

The Path


I like this monochrome work by Iliya Iliev. Maybe it’s because I’m an architectural geek and love buildings or it could be because I appreciate the beauty in the design of Swiss clocks. Either way, this piece ticks a few of my boxes. With monochrome work, the artist has to use more skills to bring out the beauty from within. Iliya has done this well through the use of light. In life, we always seem to be in a hurry, perhaps, sometimes we should slow down and appreciate the world around us; even in the heart of cities, beauty can be found!


The Guiding Hand - #2 Cthulhu Take the Wheel


Being a fan of Lovecraft myself, I was drawn to this artwork. It’s interesting as the artist has melded a black and white photograph with a colourful drawing. I appreciate the humour in this picture as the bright creature lurks within the car waiting to take the man for the drive of his life. The creature stands out, due in part to its colour; but also because its green tendrils are wrapped menacingly around the vehicle. Do we consider Cthulhu a religious icon? It depends on if you are read up on Lovecraftian lore. I’m looking forward to seeing if this artist creates their next artwork featuring Dagon, the fish god.


Extinction Level Event


This is a cool piece; art with a message. In appearance, it reminds me of a 90’s video game set in a dystopian world. I wonder what the story is behind this? I’m left hanging on whether the world has ended and it is too late or whether there is a glimmer of hope and it is just the signal that has died…




missalsimpson has created a visually appealing image in this piece. The yellow colour highlights the background neutral tones and draws me upwards to the main focus of this piece; the dual aspect of the woman and the horse. These both possess a clean rendering. The rest of the piece possess a surreal liquidity to it and frames the image well. There is a certain hint of other-worldliness about this scene.


The Fog


A clever use of typefaces, positioning and words make the poem interesting. The last line is the clincher for me; a juxtaposition of clearly seeing against a fog - very clever.

In terms of the artwork, good use of neon colours, the glitching is not too overpowering and I can read the poem. I like the fact that you have moved it off-centre in the image.

MightyMoose &amp Rizzle

Father/Son Time (the googly eyes series)


So what do I like about this picture - the glitchy dark background effects are very clever. The fact that it isn’t the same texture across the whole background fascinates. I think also that the spinning crypto symbols in their eyes are a neat touch too. It’s like the two coins are dreaming big. Also, the subtleties with the choice of crypto logos, BTC in the father’s eyes, ETH in the son’s, a clever reference to the value of the aforementioned currencies.


Grass Dragons


The nature aspect of this artwork intrigues me. We have dry grasses that could be ignited at any moment dominating the foreground. A light in the distance hints at this impending doom; a sign of the times perhaps? I like the shadows created by blue tones; it’s unexpected and adds lovely contrast. The glass pane animated effect forces the eyes to re-examine the image and note the circular motion of bright light.

Peter Bock

Colorful Anomaly


It’s like your image has a beating electronic heart in the centre; it resembles a living organism. The shadow effects are good, fading in and out. You can see the symmetry in there.

Rare Designer



This is an interesting poster by Rare Designer. A Pepe inspired Sphinx holding Ethereum and being worshipped by green denizens. I like the bright colours which remind me of a desert sunrise. A nice touch are the pyramids in the background which appear to be emitting beams of light up into the heavens. Beacons attracting UFOs that fill the sky but are we witnessing an invasion? Overall, the artwork theme reminds me of a 1950s sci-fi B-movie. Praise Kek!

Rare Anonymous


Rare Anonymous is one of those artworks that captured my attention. Created by Rare Designer, it depicts a Guy Fawkes type figure in the process of revealing his face. I enjoy the fact that we get a glimpse of the face underneath and it is just a disguised as the one wearing the mask. The face looks like that of Pepe. This piece speaks to me as it is clear that in human nature, we all have the power to hide behind many layers, especially online. The slogan “I’m everywhere” suggests that we have to be especially careful in our dealings with people we don’t know; trust can only be built up over time. The matrix-like background and glitching in skull are suggestive of future online catastrophes.


a TriP tHrOuGh tHe GaRdEnGaLaXy (114/150)


A very colourful picture. I like the fact that you have combined something from the real world into a form that is otherworldly. The planets remind me somewhat of marbles I used to play with as a kid.


Be Right Back


I like this work by Saito as it has photo-realistic qualities. It clearly represents christian imagery one one has to question the significance of the skeleton on the cross. The amount of detail within this work is staggering. The light and shadow that exist are brought out by the animation but I would have preferred it if they moved in accordance with the animation. This static nature of light on the skull and shadow on the cross beam may just be down to the light source being very far away.




Twisted by Shortcut is a colourful artwork that is simple in concept. A colourful rain falls downwards on a digital canvas and a chaotic twist is placed firmly at the centre. This artwork interests me as I like the clear separation of colour, but also the central swirl draws my eye inward to explore the vast colour explosion. Great plays of light and dark have been created within this twisted mass.


Bird on Silver | Honeycreeper


This artwork provides an interesting stylized Honeycreeper. The mix of green tones and strong outlines work to draw the viewer into the image. The bird itself has been framed with a lovely silver effect that catches the light well.

binaryRefinery(kandinsky) | Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913


This bright, glitching piece immediately catches the eye. You can make the instant connection with Kandinsky, an effect achieved through the use of a GAN. Binary, ones and zeros move subtly in the background and thematically frame the image.


Abstract dreamsland landscape


Spontaneart, in this work, has created a dream like landscape through a mixture of free flowing shapes interspersed with geometrical patterns. The cloudy textures allow you to escape into a dream world awash with purple and violet hues. There’s plenty to discover hidden within the picture’s boundaries.



I can see why this work is entitled “Butterfly”, the shape of the insect pops out of the picture. The forms contained within are reminiscent of floral patterns with vibrant botanical colours to match. This natural flow is juxtaposed with a digital quality made by the ascending columns intricately woven throughout.

Big mix #1


In this work, Spontaneart has created a truly engaging artwork. The melange of interesting and eye catching individual parts are combined with the flow of curving lines and blended textures that tie everything together. This is one of those artworks that demand attention, rather than cursory glance, providing a chance to lose oneself within. Whether it’s a small flower with a button detail, paint tubes or woodland nymphs, they’re waiting to be discovered.



Spontaneart has created a striking floral image constructed from simple, yet vibrant geometrical shapes. The flower petals contain many textural qualities which stretch inwards to the bright pistil. The contrasting colours and textures makes for an elegant botanical artwork.

True transcendence


Spontaneart has created an engaging digital work of art entitled True transcendence. A mostly monotone background of liquid-like textures sets off a colourful face in pensive thought. It appears to me that the exterior represents dreams and thoughts externalised by the person. Those colourful thoughts are contrasted against the darkness beyond. We can reflect well on our own lives; that even in the darkest days how we are able to recall pleasant memories.

Visual drug addiction


Very surreal and trippy. The black and white patterns at the bottom are a good contrast to the pastel shades above. The patterns and repetitions do work well. I can see that the picture has many depths as a result of your layering technique.


salutation / salutation ii



This is a style that I have not seen before; it’s quite unique. Dark backgrounds and natural shapes/textures and soft lighting. They are interesting as there is a lot of space within the pictures; they are far from overcrowded.


Intent #01/02


I appreciate the organic nature within the flow of the sphere. The initial, chaotic burst, followed by a gentle return to equilibrium is captivating.

A gas giant in the background throws eternal shade on it’s smaller companion star. A sudden supernova and a dispersion of hot gases into the universe is all that remains of once majestic celestial body; a binary system is no more.

Maitrī 慈


They do say that when meditating to concentrate on the breathing. It’s the breath that brings you back when you stray to catch a wayward thought. This artwork reminds me of that consistency of breath. The opening at the top is very reminiscent of the mouth inhaling and exhaling, everything moving rhythmically and in unison. This piece is very relaxing to watch. The lack of colour means that you have no distractions.

Vīrya 能源


A very apt title for this piece. This is much how I imagine the early universe would have behaved. A tightly packed ball of energy just waiting for that trigger of imbalance. Then an explosive thrusting of matter outwards. Let’s hope we don’t see the reversal of that process in my lifetime!

Vitarka 尋


It’s like a sea of matter swirling without purpose in space. The equilibrium shifts and matter congeals into form. Suddenly, without warning a planetoid pops into existence, quickly followed by a second and then a third. This state of balance is very short-lived as a cataclysmic explosion disrupts the harmony, and so the universal cycle repeats.

Zen 禪


A great picture; it’s very mesmerizing. I see the globules as representations of state. Sometimes we are constricted, like the ones packed tightly in the centre. At other times we have more freedom to move and create as represented by the larger spheres on the outside. In life, we flip-flop from one state to the other.


Flowers in the Wild


An exciting array of bright colours and natural shapes ascribe this canvas. Voke has captured the essence of floral hues with her subtle blending of colours. The clever use of curving symmetry within this elegant piece is redolent of a tropical paradise.

Stirring Troubled Waters


The rich blue shadows and contours provide a depth to this picture. I like the suggestion that the waters are swirling in an anticlockwise direction which is suggestive of things not being in order. There is a certain level of chaos, motion and change associated with water and this image hints at those with its fluid-like qualities.

A Taste of Contentment 01


Voke has created an interesting fantasy artwork that’s like something straight out of a fairytale. She has conjured up a scene of which one can get lost within. There are many things here vying for attention, from the dominating mushroom house to the gnomes, butterflies and flowers. With rich, bright colours to hold attention, this piece of natural beauty leaves me wondering who or what lives here.




Artist vvvv has created a futuristic poster featuring androids and lasers that has just sold for 0.5ETH. I like the smoky effects created that dominate both foreground and background of the artwork. Hopefully, in a future world we will not have to battle such a polluted atmosphere (one can dream?). The androids, themselves, are of different sexes as denoted by their halos and general body shapes. I do now wonder whether the sex of an android makes a difference. The scene itself is quite violent, with laser beams cutting through the androids. I’d like to know the backstory for this one. What have the androids done?

William Wolfgang Wunderbar

Spiral Hue 2020


I have found an interesting piece over on MakersPlace called Spiral Hue 2020 (clearly this has been named after my favourite currency). It reminds me of a plasma effect, but the artist has created defined swirls within the art within which the bright colours cycle, it’s very intriguing. Looking deeper, I can see that there are even smaller block-like patterns that add texture to the artwork. This art is very eye-catching.




I like the image. You’ve done well with the reflections across the ocean. I do not see night scenes like this so often, probably because it’s quite difficult to capture detail, but here, you’ve succeeded.

I like the dominating planet, the light cast on the water and the framing as a view from a balcony, very creative.

There’s a story here waiting to pop out. In my mind, you’ve depicted an off-world vacation destination in an exclusive resort. Maybe a visit here is for a happy couple just celebrating their marriage. Billed as a natural wonder of the universe, the blood planet draws in vacationers from all sectors of this quadrant to observe this nightly event.



Interesting effects that you have created here. To me it has an ancient Egyptian desert feel about it; maybe it’s the hieroglyphs that do that. In terms of capturing the right feel with the waterfall, I think that you’ve achieved that. Water does take on the colours of its surroundings and how the light plays off of those. In the full picture, the stairs lead me up to the cataract and then to the blue rock. I like this rock as it’s unexpected; it jumps out at me and creates interest. You have chosen an interesting character to place in the foreground which fills that side of the artwork. She is well placed to complete the scene and add interest to an otherwise empty area of the picture.